Feature Film

What Goes Around Comes Around
'Best Picture Feature'
Directed by Michael Andre Carter

Short Film

Beautiful Violence
'Best Picture Short'
Directed by Joey Medina

'Best Picture Short - Special Mention'
Directed by László Bús

'Best Drama Short, Best Supporting Actor Short'
Directed by Amrik S. Pabla

'Best Drama Short - Special Mention, Best Actress Short - Special Mention'
Directed by Jahmal Holland

Self-Care: A Mother's Story
'Best Documentary Short, Best Women Director Short'
Directed by Alvinya Key

'Best Experimental Short - Special Mention'
Directed by Iago Sartini

'Best Foreign Short'
Directed by Julien Delporte

'Best Quarantine Short'
Directed by Diego Funes

New Prophecy
'Best Thriller Short'
Directed by Jaleel Sampay

Everything I Never Said
'Best Student Short, Best Romantic Short, Best Debut Director Short'
Directed by Nahyr Galaz Ruiz

'Best Action Short, Best Sci-Fi Short'
Directed by Richard Dijkema

Music Video

Let Them Eat Cake
'Best Music Video'
Directed by Earnest Diaz

Feature Script

The Gardenia Pocket Watch
'Best Script Feature'
Written by Jan Tilley

Chocolate Milk
'Best Comedy Short, Best Cinematographer Short'
Directed by J.W. Cox

'Best Comedy Short - Special Mention'
Directed by Max Hofer

And they lived happily ever after...
'Best Western Short, Best Family/Children Short'
Directed by Julien Delporte

In Her Head
'Best Experimental Short'
Directed by Nur Alishah Tibor

'Best Crime Short'
Directed by Jaleel Sampay

Behave yourself, boy...
'Best LGBT Short'
Directed by Diego dos Anjos

Short Script

'Best Script Short'
Written by Clemente Esparza, II

Like A Cat
'Best Script Short - Jury Choice'
Written by Kenneth Michael Sutton

'Best Women Film Short'
Directed by Vanessa M. H. Powers

'Best Foreign Feature, Best Editor Feature, Best Actor Feature, Best Supporting Actress Feature'
Directed by Francesco Longo

The Web Opera
'Best Musical Short'
Directed by Kate Jopson

I’m Here
'Best Animation Short'
Directed by Jennifer Hathaway

'Best Dance short'
Directed by Sera Milavetz

Prohibited Life
'Best Debut Director Short'
Directed by Malik F Rehman

Three Quarters
'Best Writer Short, Best Director Short, Best Music Director Short'
Directed by Dave Harlequin

'Best Student Short - Special Mention, Best Director Short - Special Mention'
Directed by Christopher Paik-Swan

The Witch's Bargain
'Best Producer Short, Best Director Short'
Directed by Corey J. Trahan

En Suite
'Best Actor Short, Best Actress Short'
Directed by Geoffrey Cantor

Black Wall Street Burning
'Best Drama Feature, Best Director Feature, Best Cinematographer Feature, Best Music Director Feature'
Directed by Dekoven Riggins, Marcus E. Brown

Lost Angelas
'Best Producer Feature, Best Writer Feature, Best Actress Feature, Best Supporting Actor Feature'
Directed by William Wayne

'Best Documentary Feature'
Directed by Simona Mancini

'Best Thriller Feature'
Directed by Stuart G. Robertson

Online Love
'Best Mobile Short'
Directed by Blue dragoon MF

'Best Sci-Fi Feature'
Directed by Milko Davis

'Best Women Film Feature'
Directed by Cedar D. Wolf

The Paper Boat
'Best Debut Director Feature'
Directed by Los Angeles Barea

I'm tired of waking up next to you
'Best Romantic Feature'
Directed by Jesús Herrera Jaimes

The Devil and I
'Best Producer Short - Special Mention'
Directed by Charles Williams

Tank Talk
'Best Pilot Episode'
Directed by Mike Salva

Do the Zombie
'Best Music Video - Special Mention'
Directed by Kevin Short

Pilot Episode

Master Speesa!
'Best Script Feature - Honourable Mention'
Written by Rosie Malek-Yonan, Monica Malek-Yonan

Hell House
'Best Script Feature - Jury Choice'
Written by Mark Denham

'Best Script Short - Special Mention'
Written by Stephanie Alecia Rose