Feature Film

Welcome to the Conspiracy!

'Best Picture Feature', 'Best Drama Feature', 'Best Comedy Feature', 'Best Writer Feature', 'Best Editor Feature', 'Best Cinematography Feature', 'Best Actor Feature', 'Best Actress Feature', 'Best supporting Actor Feature'
Directed by Sean Totanes

The Simile

'Best Director Feature'
Directed by SS Jishnu Dev

The Sako Tapes

'Best Debut Director Feature'
Directed by Machiel van den Heuvel

Short Film

9 Lives: Chapter One

'Best Picture Short, Best Women Film Short, Best Debut Director Short, Best Writer Short, Best Editor Short, Best Cinematographer Short, Best Actress Short, Best Pilot Episode'
Directed by Gabrielle Miller


'Best Foreign Short'
Directed by Joao Butoh

Virtual Tour of Art Collective CODA

'Best Experimental Short, Best Women Director Short'
Directed by Janet Pierre

A Groom, Three Brides and a Doctor

'Best Comedy Short'
Directed by Leilani Amour Arenzana

Happy Anniversary, Darling

'Best Director Short'
Directed by Leilani Amour Arenzana

Heavens Enemy

'Best Sci-Fi Short'
Directed by Sergei Patlai

Lyrics Of Life

'Best Mobile Short'
Directed by Shirin Afrand

Around The World With Chef Devan

'Best Documentary Short'
Directed by Elena M

The Portrait

'Best Thriller Short, Best Crime Short'
Directed by Rosh Rasheed

We Love Our Pets

'Best Family/Children Short'
Directed by Elena M

Miss Me

'Best Romantic Short
Directed by Elena M

Kinda Deep Rap Video

'Best Religious Short'
Directed by Ms. ELENA

Music Video


'Best Music Video'
Directed by Agno Dissan

Keep Life Sweet

'Best Music Video -Jury Choice'
Directed by Elena M

Feature Script

Diamond in the Rough

'Best Script Feature'
Written by Lavena A. Mabrey

Workout Around The World

'Best Action Short'
Directed by Elena M

Black & White & Shades of Grey

'Best Music Video - Festival Mention'
Directed by Janet Pierre