Feature Film

Some Night

'Best Picture Feature', 'Best Comedy Feature',
'Best Music Director Feature', 'Best Supporting Actress Feature'
Directed by
Enrico Banson


'Best Thriller Feature', 'Best Debut Director Feature',
'Best Actor Feature', 'Best Supporting Actor Feature'

Directed by Mani Shankar Iyer

La amable euforia de la danza

'Best Documentary Feature', 'Best Director Feature'
Directed by Miguel Castanet


'Best Women Film Feature'
Directed by Leilani Amour Arenzana

Short Film


'Best Drama Short', 'Best Actor Short'
Directed by Sergio Fernández Muñoz

It comes from the Heavens

'Best Foreign Short'
Directed by Oldren Romero

There is tea, if you drink

'Best Documentary Short'
Directed by Cihan Emre Zengin


'Best Experimental Short'
Directed by Akal Demir

Uber Thoughts

'Best Comedy Short'
Directed by Meredith Koch

Gli Inseparabili Mordono

'Best Student Short', 'Best Women Director Short'
Directed by Andree Lucini


'Best Director Short'
Directed by Joctan Hernandez Ramirez

The CoRaven

'Best Animation Short'
Directed by Darren Mark Douglas

Blind Knife Man

'Best Action Short'
Directed by Dag Kaszlikowski


'Best Women Film Short, Best Debut Director Short'
Directed by Emily Robyn Clark


'Best Thriller Short'
Directed by Marcin Skruch

Look Up!

'Best LGBT Short'
Directed by Monty Wolfe

Music Video

Family Crest

'Best Music Video'
Directed by Leilani Amour Arenzana

Dreaming à la carte

'Best Music Video - Festival Mention'
Directed by Paco Serén

Feature Script

The Loser's Club

Preaching Lies

'Best Script Feature'
Written by Jonathan Turner Smith

'Best Script Feature - Jury Choice'
Written by Denora M. Boone

Nicholas Does What He Wants

'Best Script Feature - Festival Mention'
Written by
Monty Wolfe

Short Script

Choose This Day

'Best Short Script'
Written by Laura Poindexter

Do You Want Some Coffee?

New Moon 5280

'Best Short Script - Jury Choice'
Written by Dean Harakas

'Best Short Script - Festival Mention'
Written by Joctan Hernandez

The Last Nightmare

'Best Women Director Feature'
Directed by Leilani Amour Arenzana